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Ionova Ol'ga Vladimirovna, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. In the XXth century there existed a simplified approach to the notion “leisure”. It was associated with recreation; there prevailed such an understan¬ding of leisure as a secondary element of a life style, which young people spend in asocial companies. It has led to a need of theoretical comprehension of leisure issues and to a real practical need of a sociological research of leisure as an important sphere of life of modern Russian youth.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were realized by means of the analysis of publications by Russian sociologists on the issue of leisure organization student youth. Special attention was paid to the most popular spare time of young people – the Internet.
Results. The analysis of the research carried out has revealed leisure preferences of student youth depending on gender, age and material welfare.
Conclusions. The analysis of main leisure preferences of student youth has revealed the main preferences as well as problems they could lead to. Therefore, in order to resolve problems, associated with deterioration of moral and physical health of population, it is necessary to take certain measures. The analysis is followed by a conclusion about a necessity of using mass media for development and maintenance of student youth’s interest in an active life style.

Key words

leisure, student youth, leisure of student youth, the Internet, the Internet in the leisure structure.

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